Does Kyle count?

absolutely. ahahaha, should’ve thought of that.

I… don’t think so. But I haven’t read everything with him, so…

I don’t think so either. Which I find kind of interesting, because pretty much all superheroes have had a girl/boyfriend at one point or another. Innnnteresting.


I love all these words.

come here

let’s hug

those are my random batfeelstoryvomit words

you loving them made my night

Hey, so I noticed in one of your posts that you implied that you saw Dick as bisexual, and I know a lot of the woman you pair him with, so I was just wondering which of his male possibles you would ship him with?Unless I'm just making an ass of myself, in which case ignore this. Can I blame this on the fact that it's late?


YOU you will probably regret asking it ah ha ha ha ha.

I ship him with everyone. Was this not clear? Like, I’m even kidding here. Except for Dick/Alfred, I don’t ship that because come on that’s weird (somebody mentioned that last time).

Anyway, my strongest Dick/dude ships would have to be Dick/Roy and Dick/Wally. But I also ship Dick/Tim and Dick/Damian in a way that Tim and Damian are totally head over heels in love with him and he’s kind of oblivious to it. That’s why they’re both so possessive over him around each other. Personally I think it would be really difficult to be around Dick for too long without developing a crush on him. I could also see Dick/Bruce. Out of all the Batboys, Dick is the only one I can ship with Bruce without being all squicked out.

But yeah Dick and Roy are actually a thing. Like, to the point where I just…I legitimately believe that they were together for a while. Probably during Outsiders. I’ve written a couple short scenes where Dick’s talking to Tim about his past relationships, and there he said, “Roy and I have been on and off for years. Started off as a pity thing, you know? But things have changed since then.” And that’s sort of how I feel about that. I don’t think you guys understand, I legitimately ship them. They were just, I don’t know, they were just sad and had sex once and then from there it escalated and escalated and for a while they were pretty much in a relationship and now they’re just sort of bros who still love each other very much. In my opinion, Roy’s always been very open to all kinds of love, and Dick may not have been when he was younger, but I honestly, really think that Kory opened him up a lot.

As for Dick/Wally - I actually shipped Dick/Wally way more than I shipped Dick/Roy initially and I freaked out because of how much they loved each other and stuff, but with Wally I think it’s more like they’re best friends. They were never really in a relationship, but they’ve always been best friends who, in the spirit of spontaneity and having fun and stuff, have occasionally had sexual experiences with each other, haha. But they are definitely best friends and they joke around and love each other very much. Whereas I honestly wouldn’t call Dick and Roy best friends. They’re something more serious than that. They really, really love each other and their bond is just so deep and powerful and strong and /weepweepweep/

And I pretty much ship him with anyone and everyone. I think that after Kory, he became a free love sort of guy. I do ship Jay/Dick a little in the sense that Dick feels so guilty and Jason had a huge crush on him when he died and Jay’s just sort of let that become perverted and Dick just sort of lets him and yeah. That’s a weird ship, though.

Uhhhhhhh I also like Dick/Joey Wilson because that’s adorable. And Dick/Superman! Although not really seriously, more like Dick’s kind of in love with Clark and Clark doesn’t really see it because obviously he’s so in love with Lois. And Bruce definitely sees it and thinks Dick is ridiculous because he always thinks Dick is ridiculous and Dick is like “SHUT UP I LOVE HIM LIKE I LOVE YOU” and then gives Bruce a kiss and Bruce is like “Yeah…well…you…go to your room!” and Dick’s like “i am a grown man you cannot just-” “GO. TO. YOUR. ROOM.” “yessir”

that is how i think their conversations go.

Anyway, aw yeah! Don’t be afraid to ask me questions about my ships, I love questions about my ships and my lovely characters. So much. Posting publicly so everyone can see my feels about ships!

“All PSAs should take the form of bisexual superhero orgies.”Pfft, you know it’s bad when I start agreeing with the comments :D Muchos gracias sweetheart, that was hysterical.

what if they did though

What if all PSAs were just a bunch of superheroes having sex? oh my gosh. oh my gosh I would pay attention so hard. So hard.

I think it’s time for us to take our relationship to the point where we can share porn.

let’s go

This is me being a little ashamed to admit to trolling around on this website, but holy shit the comments. Read the goddamn comments, guys, they are just icing on the cake.

This is all COMPLETELY porny and NSFW. And stupid and hilarious. You have been warned!

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oh gosh.

I just.

I can’t even.

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Getting your grades quickly is so much better than having to wait. It’s been two weeks and I’m going insane! Do I need to sign up for that awful winter-mester mini-calc class or not!? Sorry, this probably isn’t what you meant about talking to you.

Haha don’t apologize for talkin to me bro, I like talking, it is my favorite thing. I don’t really have the opportunity to sign up for other classes right now so knowing my grades or not is just a matter of wondering if I failed my exam or knowing for a fact that I failed it. And honestly I would prefer to wonder, haha, because then at least I can maintain some sense of optimism :D