heyo! gov and math DOWN and i think i did pretty well! stats was the weirdest, like i was going through it and i suddenly realized like i UNDERSTOOD it

like this is the first time in my math i’ve understood math hehehehe it worked just like sentences ugh it was so good

but rly nice

and i saw sarah! sarah who’s going to school in cardiff. that was amazing wow. it’s been like six months since I seen any of them it’s weirddddd. excited 4 this winter holiday



I’ve had these two on my brain recently. Fem!Dave and fem!Dirk mmmmmmm. 

… to you girls who are maybe cosplaying this….. ;)

gosh they would be so lovely


and then it hit me, standin outside of heaven
waitin for god to come and get me
im too uncouth
unschooled to the rules and too gumshoe
too much of a newcomer and too uncool

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Like, I saw Rocafort’s drawing of Tim Drake, and it was awesome. The face didn’t look creepy and the hair was really cool, and he did great on the costume. But Jason and ROy are so ugh

Yeah, that drawing of Tim Drake as Robin? I remember when I first saw that I was like “is that rocafort?” and then immediately went “nahhh” because it looked really, really good, and way better in my opinion than the boys in Outlaws. I think it is just that he draws Roy and Jason as too skinny, frail and pretty. I just want them really tough. Jay is big and scary and I’m not feelin it with this art. The slinky, skinny, pretty, athletic body is more Dick’s type. I even wrote a post about this a while ago about how I picture all the different Batboys’ bodies different (this was a looooong while ago though lol).

Also my problems with his Roy may be more due to his changed character than what he actually looks like. Like I legitimately do not know this Roy guy in Outlaws, because he is nothing REMOTELY like what Roy’s been in the past and that upsets me because God knows I love love love Roy. And Rocafort’s draws this new Roy character, and not the old one, and that just kills me.



glancing over my yearbook from freshman year and loling at the people who said “see you next year”

i mean really how many times did i have to tell people i was moving

come on

“All PSAs should take the form of bisexual superhero orgies.”Pfft, you know it’s bad when I start agreeing with the comments :D Muchos gracias sweetheart, that was hysterical.

what if they did though

What if all PSAs were just a bunch of superheroes having sex? oh my gosh. oh my gosh I would pay attention so hard. So hard.

In 5x10 Abandon All Hope…

Castiel says he can’t get into Crowley’s place because it’s covered in Enochian symbols, Dean says, “That’s okay, you did great, we’ll take it from here.”

Is that cute or what? ahaha excuse me, I just think Castiel was maybe a little bit happier because Dean praised him. that’s adorable.