Scotland Revisit 2011

Well, I guess I knew I’d post something like this eventually. I have all the pictures and all the memories so. Might as well combine them. All these pictures are of Scotland in early July this year.

This is Victoria Square, in Stirling, Scotland. My old house is on the street behind the person taking the picture.

This is what it looks like from Google Maps. It pretty much looks just like that, just like I remember. It’s different from here because everything is much bigger. The streets, the houses, sigh. I miss it.

This is the front of the Reception building at Beaconhurst, my old school. They were in the midst of tons of construction. Things had changed a lot.

That was the primary school building. I went to some of J2, some of J3, and J4 (first, second and third grade) in that building. That little yellow smiley face is where you stood if you didn’t have anybody to play with. Other kids were supposed to go there and ask you to play. Me, Ms. Traumatic Childhood, spent a lot of time under that smiley face, as I recall.

One thing I never understood is that oftentimes there would be like 3 or 4 or 5 kids under the smiley face. And I’d ask them to play and they’d be like “uh no way” and I’m like, dude, you’re under the smiley face, you really can’t afford to be too choosy here. But whatever. That was a long time ago.

This was our playground. Yes, it’s on the edge of a hill there, haha. The person taking the picture is standing right in front of

this stairway, which leads down to the parking lot.

The Wallace Monument (maybe like 15-20 minute walk from the school) at the base of the hill.

The view from the top of the hill

The Monument from the top of the hill. (plus my sister)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Monument, this is from Wikipedia:

"The National Wallace Monument (generally known as the Wallace Monument) is a tower standing on the summit of Abbey Craig, a hilltop near Stirling inScotland. It commemorates Sir William Wallace, the 13th century Scottish hero.[1]

The tower was constructed following a fundraising campaign which accompanied a resurgence of Scottish national identity in the 19th century. In addition to public subscription, it was partially funded by contributions from a number of foreign donors, including Italian national leader Giuseppe Garibaldi. Completed in 1869 to the designs of architect John Thomas Rochead at a cost of £18,000,[2] the monument is a 67-metre (220 ft) sandstone tower, built in the Victorian Gothicstyle. It stands on the Abbey Craig, a volcanic crag above Cambuskenneth Abbey, from which Wallace was said to have watched the gathering of the army ofEnglish king Edward I, just before the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

The monument is open to the general public. Visitors climb the 246 step spiral staircase to the viewing gallery inside the monument’s crown, which provides expansive views of the Ochil Hills and the Forth Valley.

A number of artifacts believed to belong to Wallace are on display inside the monument, including the Wallace Sword, and a 1.68-metre (5 ft, 6 in) longclaymore.[citation needed] Inside is also a Hall of Heroes, a series of busts of famous Scots, effectively a small national Hall of Fame.”

The view from the top of the Monument. What surprised me is that the top is way smaller than I remember.

Another view from the top. It was so beautiful; Scotland is so beautiful. Way better than England, anyway.

Reade being silly. This is what the top looks like. It’s a very pretty structure, I’ll say that.

The cemetery before Stirling Castle. My dad and I walked around here for a long while.

A beautiful view of the Wallace Monument from Stirling Castle. Looks like a postcard, haha.

Bulbasaur photobombing

There were lots of unicorns in the castle. Lady Gaga would be proud.

The castle is built on this awesome craggy cliff. Emily got a good picture of it.

There was a dress up room! I’m sexy, I know.

We were in a considerably better mood by the time we were done with the castle. This is us trying to get a picture with the flag, but unfortunately the wind didn’t want to help us out.

The castle was closing (it was like 5 lol) and so they shut the big doors so the last of us tourists had to leave via the little door lol.

In Stirling Old Town you can pretty much see the Wallace Monument from everywhere.

The castle from the Royal Gardens. We’re sitting atop the King’s Knot, taking the picture.

Me in a jail cell of the Stirling Old Town Jail lol

in the Modern Jails exhibit. Doesn’t this guy look like Michael Swaim???

The view from the top of the tower in the jail. Pretty cool brah

Meanwhile, I got familiar with the local inmates. The mannequins were super scary, I’ll admit.

The dude on the flag there was our tour guide for both the jail tour and the ghost walk tour.

Emily at the play park at the top of the steps down to the street where our B&B was…not really one of our finest moments…

The entirety of the ghost walk tour, including Emily (taking the picture). The guy in the hat in front of the woman in yellow was our tourguide. He gave the lady in yellow his staff and dubbed her “Bernard” and kept calling her that the whole tour. It was actually kind of hilarious, especially because with his accent he called her Ber-nerd.

Ouroboros on a a super old tombstone! I thought that was cool.

There are more pictures on my dad and my sister’s phones. I’ll get to those eventually. But for now…yeah. Here you go.

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