I will never fully understand why things happen the way they do on this planet. Too many people hold their tongue here. Too many people hide their feelings. And at the end of the day, that does nothing but hurt someone. The men and women of Tamaran were always taught to live by their emotions. To trust their first reaction, as it is the most true. Cyborg argues that you need time to make the proper decision. I argue that time blurs the true intent.

To Earth standards, I may appear brash and rushed. I never hide what I think. Perhaps that is why Tamaran was a target for so many invasions. Our captors may have enjoyed seeing what pain they inflicted upon us. For our tears are never hidden either.

This garden is all I have left to remind me of Tamaran. The Hy’tt Blossoms. The Rutt Trees. One of Earth’s customs for the warriors 2called the samurai is to learn patience and understanding from your garden. I hope that is what this teaches me. It would be nice to understand the concept of patience. It would be nice to fit in a bit more with these new Teen Titans.

See, THIS is amazingly perfect Kory.

Not only is this commentary a great introspection on her Tamaran/human dichotomy, the duality she’s struggling to master, really making an effort to change and understand and still taking pride in her heritage and remembering her planet, but the way she’s pictured here is great. Because here she is, in cutoff jean shorts and a crop top, but at no point is she ever posing for the reader. She’s CLEARLY wearing those clothes for her own comfort, and she looks thoughtful and serene and beautiful, and extremely powerful (check out those leg muscles! damn girl!). I really do love Kory in much of TT v3, because she was so unapologetically her, so strong and decisive and concerned for herself and others. And I loved the way she was drawn. Amazing.

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